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  • NFSI Restaurant Slips

    NFSI Restaurant Slips

    If you have ever worked in the kitchen of a restaurant than greasy, slippery floors are no stranger. This video shows the potential hazards poor floor maintenance will subject your workers to. The kitchen is hot, steamy, and (hopefully) busy! Don’t let your business “slip-up” because a poorly maintained floor creates a terrible accident.

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  • What Would You Do?

    What Would You Do?

    Although fraud is represents a very small portion of slip and fall cases, fraudulent slip and fall incidents receive the most media attention. ABC ran an episode of “What Would You Do?” featuring the NFSI Founder/President Russell Kendzior. Would you say something if you saw someone fake a fall and threaten to sue? Check it out!

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  • NFSI Good Morning America

    NFSI Good Morning America

    In 2004 Good Morning America did a story on slip and fall con-artists. Each day fraudulent cases account for roughly $8 million….EACH DAY. Keep in mind that fraudulent cases only represent about 3% of STF cases…You can do the math on how much money is being spent on LEGITIMATE claims.

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